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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine (VAT)

In my post dated 29 July 2011 I already mentioned the amendments introduced by the law of 7 July No 3609-VI (the draft law No 8217) to the Tax Code of Ukraine touching upon the administration of taxes. Below, I am delighted to call your attention to the most significant, at least to my thinking, amendments brought by this law in respect of VAT:

1. The grounds for the voluntary registration of a VAT payer are broadened. An entity is eligible for the voluntary VAT registration if either its share capital or book value of assets (fixed assets, intangible assets and inventory) exceeds UAH 300 thousand.

2. The criteria for automatic VAT refund were varied. The volume of zero-rated transactions of the taxpayer seeking automatic VAT refund in its total volume of supplies was lowered from 50 to 40 per cent. It is also determined that while defining the discrepancies between the taxpayer’s input VAT and its counterparties’ output VAT three preceding reporting periods (one quarter) are taken into account.

3. The procedure for the issuance of VAT invoices was slightly modified. A VAT payer is obliged to specify in the VAT invoice the product code under the customs tariff if the goods supplied are either excisable or have been previously imported into Ukraine. A VAT payer is now permitted to register its VAT invoices in the Unified register of VAT invoices within 20 calendar days following the day of their issuance.

Please note that the law No 3609-VI has been in effect since 6 August 2011.

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