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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Novelty 16 - New Procedure for Filing Appeals

Co-authored by Anton Havryk

This article continues a series of publications on the most striking changes in the new version of the Code of Administrative Procedure of Ukraine for the purposes of tax litigation.

What follows is the overview of the sixteenth most significant change, in our opinion,  attributable to the changed procedure for filing appeals against the judgements of courts of first instance.

There are two key changes anticipated.

Firstly, appeals will be filed directly with courts of appeal, not through courts of first instance, as it happens now.

Secondly, time limits for filing appeals are expected to be elongated. Appeals against judgements on the merits of the case can be lodged within 30 days (against today's 10 days), and appeals against court orders (rulings) can be lodged within 15 days (against today's 5 days).

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